Exclusive Car Design – vehicle vynil wrapping expert

Exclusive Car Design has 13 years' experience in vehicle wrapping and car graphics field. We provide professional car wrapping services for all the vehicle types. Graphic designer and highly-skilled bodywork specialist offers an individual solution to each client.

Car vinyl is the best modern alternative to an expensive car paintwork and the most popular type of car tuning. Professional application of the vinyl film to your vehicle will only take 5 days. During this time you will not only change the appearance of your car but also protect the paintwork. Vinyl film is easy to remove and it preserves car's paintwork without changing its appearance.

We also specialize in car interior parts vinyl wrapping. Film will help to hide some of interior defects or/and renew car interior design.

Vinyl film from the world's leading manufacturers
We offer more than 200 different variations of vynil film from the leading manufacturers. Solid color vinyl film is available in matte and gloss. Textured vinyl imitates carbon, brushed aluminum, plastic, camouflage, pearl, gold, diamond, leopard, snake, chrome and other textures.

Paint Protection
Breakthrough technology for paint protection polyurethane films. Invisible protection against stone chips, slight scratches, salt and other day-to-day damages. Superior optical clarity adds depth to the paint. Five-year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Vinyl Guarantee
As technology progressed film performed to be more durable, flexible and UV resistant. All of car wrap products we use in our work are protected by 5-year Manufacturer's Warranty. Exclusive Car Design gives clients 2-year service guarantee.




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